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What Software Do You Need For Screen Printing?

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What software do you need for screen printing? You may be surprised to find that you need a lot of different software to run your screen printing business. There's not one perfect piece of software for everything.

Read our article about the software screen printers need. It details how much it costs, what software is best for screen printing, and open-source options for budget-conscious shops: https://www.printavo.com/blog/what-software-do-i-need-for-screen-printing

You can break down screen printing software into three areas: administrative software, production software, and sales/marketing software.


GSuite: Google’s suite of tools is still second-to-none in terms of availability, pricing, and quality. Whether it’s Docs, Sheets or GMail, Google has a track record for success.

Slack - This simple chat client replaces email for day-to-day communications within the team. A “Searchable Log of All Collaboration and Knowledge,” Slack dramatically improves cohesion within your team.

TimeStation - A clear time-tracking tool. Let employees know exactly how long they worked.

Asana - A project management tool, ideal for long-term projects and other business development efforts.

Trello - A powerful tasking and scheduling software with a highly visual interface. Ideal for keeping track of dozens of moving tasks at a time.

QuickBooks - A classic small business software, Quicken’s QuickBooks remains the de-facto standard accounting software for a majority of businesses within the United States. Internationally, Xero’s accounting software has gained significant traction recently. Note: Printavo syncs with QuickBooks Online for simpler accounting.

Stripe and Square - Essential for payment collection, Stripe is a low-fee online payment portal. Square is a low-fee in-person payment portal. Both are reliable and fast.


Printavo - Print shop management software. Handles invoicing, quoting, art and quote approvals, job scheduling, pricing, proofing and much more – specifically tailored to the custom apparel industry. Yes, that’s us! (https://www.printavo.com)

Zapier - Zapier is a powerful tool for automation. It works by connecting different web apps together, automatically! For instance, a new inquiry on your website could ping your Slack channel and also log the inquiry into a Google Sheet. You can set custom filters and delays to get very granular control over your automations. Highly recommended! (https://www.zapier.com)

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - Essential tools for crafting artwork and creating separations for screen printing, Photoshop and Illustrator pay for their subscription costs many times over on an annual basis. There are open-source alternatives (GIMP and InkScape, respectively) that can offer a no-cost entry to screen printing, but the paid tools offer better support and more refined features. (https://www.adobe.com)

Corel DRAW - An alternative to Illustrator and Photoshop, DRAW is still a beloved image editor, with some that claim it’s superior to Adobe’s offerings. Useful for vinyl cutting! (https://www.corel.com)

Roland Versaworks - A print and RIP management software, typically used for helping to print transparencies for burning screens (https://www.rolanddga.com/support/products/software/versaworks)

Shipstation, EasyPost and Stamps.com - These help streamline shipping. EasyPost offers affordable shipping labels (just one penny each) while Shipstation and Stamps.com streamline the entire shipping process.


Websites - Use a simple service like Squarespace or Shopify for discoverability on Google. Less is more! Drive customers to you, not to your website. We’ve found that a simple form is more effective than an online design tool at generating high-quality leads: https://www.printavo.com/blog/2-reasons-online-t-shirt-design-tools-actually-hurt-sales

RingCentral - Lets you easily track, monitor, and control complex phone trees and multiple phone numbers.

Loom - Know that the employee doesn’t know how to do the task you’re asking them to do? Make a video demonstration! A viable alternative is Screencastify. (https://www.loom.com and https://www.screencastify.com)

Close.com - A highly respected CRM (customer relationship management) platform that lets you track and dissect a huge volume of data about your customers – and keep notes on them as they move through your funnel. (https://www.close.com)

Steven’s attitude is simple: “We’re open to using just about everything.” If it helps the business, implement it!

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