Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - All Bosses & Ending

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A compilation of all of special characters challenges (bosses) and how to unlock them in the Story Mode of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for Nintendo Switch.
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Every boss fight:

00:00 Sport Climbing (Vs. Rouge)
03:11 Swimming (Vs. Wendy)
05:42 Karate (Vs. Eggman Nega)
07:56 110m Hurdles (Vs. Toadette)
09:33 Table Tennis (Vs. Zazz)
13:16 Triple Jump (Vs. Espio)
15:33 Boxing (Vs. Zavok)
19:15 Retro Eggman
20:02 Equestrian (Vs. Larry)
22:44 Rugby Sevens (Vs. Diddy Kong)
29:11 Football (Vs. Jet)
32:55 Fencing (Vs. Ludwig)
36:58 Surfing (Vs. Rosalina)
41:47 100m (Vs. Bowser & Eggman - Final Boss)
45:34 Ending

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